Friday, July 22, 2011

Visit to Seattle's Museum of Flight!!!

While we were visiting Grandpa Ben and Grandma Patti in Washington, we took a trip one day to the Seattle Museum of Flight! The boys were so excited to see all of the airplanes and helicopters, and were astonished that they had them inside of a building!Grandpa, Ryan, Daddy and Austin!Seeing the old military planes outside while we waited for Grandpa to meet up with us after work!Austin found this headband and had it on his head before I could catch him!After heading inside we wandered around a looked at everything we could! Daddy and Austin with the astronaut's space suit!Ryan practiced landing a space shuttle! Rather unsuccessfully I might add, but he had fun doing it!Getting the feel of what the inside of a space shuttle is like!In the airplane and takin' it for a test drive!Over and over again we would hear, "Daddy, what kind of an airplane is that!" I love that little boys think their Daddy knows everything!After some fun in the museum, we walked across the road to the airplanes we could tour. First up, the Concorde! It was quite a hike up the stairs......and was extremely tight quarters inside! I would've been very claustrophobic riding in this jet! After the Concord, we toured the airplane of the President of the United States of America, which has since been upgraded to a larger and newer plane.
Austin, Justin, Ryan and Grandma Patti!
As we were headed back to the museum, the newest model Boeing 747 800 was taxiing the runway and Justin ran to get a picture with it! While we were leaving, Austin found this hat on one of the airplane seats that we were touring and grabbed it. Since it features some of his most recent favorite Super Heroes, we washed it and let him have it! Cutie Patootie!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Independence Day in Washington!!!

We spent the Fourth of July this year in Washington like we've done in years past. It was a beautiful day and the boys were sooooo excited to celebrate their Independence!Ry RyAustyWe started off the day participating in the annual Lake Tapps Fourth of July Parade! The boys got some patriotic tattoos......and Harrison got them these balloon swords! So sweet of him!Ryan, or maybe Daddy, loved checking out this old military vehicle!Austin jumped in too, but wasn't quite as intrigued!Ready to roll in the parade!Grandpa Ben cruisin' the parade route!After the parade, we enjoyed a BBQ by the lake......then the boys had some fun at the park!Silly boys!!!We then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying this beautiful place!Ryan and Justin out on the wave runner!Austin and Piper having some fun!Ryan and Harrison riding in the kayak!Ryan and Adam going for a ride in the tube!
These little ones were just the three musketeers!
Ellen, Austin and Piper!Austin and Piper giving loves!Later in the day all of the guys headed off and bought the entertainment for the evening!Pyros in training!First round of sparklers for the evening!Later that night...Roman Candles!!
And sparklers again!
We had a really fun Fourth of July celebrating with all of our family in Washington! We love you all and miss you already! We are so grateful for our freedoms and such a beautiful land to live in!