Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tonight we got too...

after two years of dedicated service to the Lord and the Saints in the Houston, Texas South Spanish Speaking Mission. This post is mainly for his family who was unable to attend so they could see the nights events, please enjoy Katie!
Uncle Martin, Aunt Sherri, Luke, Tori and Amy all anxiously awaiting Robbie's arrival!
Here he comes!!!
And here they come!!!
This was amazing to see!!!Hugging Dad!
Big hug for Mama!!!
Rob and Papa!!!
Rob and Grandma Schmidt!!!
Robbie and Grandma Cook-Hill, a.k.a "Little Grandma"!
Giving everyone else hugs!
On the phone with Katie!
Catching up with everyone! He couldn't believe how "huge" everyone was. Luckily he didn't say that about me! WHEW!!!
Welcome Home Elder Cook!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had an exciting evening planned for myself last night. It consisted of making dinner, doing dishes, giving baths, folding laundry and retiring to bed a bit earlier than normal. I know, you're jealous!
Well, my evening ended up nothing like I had planned! As I was preparing dinner, Ryan came running into the kitchen from the garage informing me that we would be getting some new pet fish. This is what happens when you put your husband in charge of cleaning out his junk in the garage. As anyone who has or has ever had a 4 year-old and a 22 month-old, promises must be granted right then, there's no room for later. So, my carefully planned out evening took a turn and changed to doing all of the above listed things, and throwing in a trip to Petsmart!

Ryan and Austin were extremely excited to pick out their first pets!
Austin thought it was fun to tap on the window and watch all of the fish shoot off in another direction. He kept telling me "Fish scared!" Little stinker!
Ryan ran to every tank and would describe the fish he could see inside. He's such a smart boy!As we drove home we carefully discussed what we were going to name our new pets! I introduce you to Bessie, Ryan's fish...
and Guppy Bear, Austin's fish! Ryan was so cute, he knew they were guppies, and he thought it sounded like Gummy Bear, thus Guppy Bear!
They love their new pets and could have watched them for hours! In fact, we're on our way now! We'll keep you updated on the progress of the new additions to our family, which by the way, are Daddy's responsibility!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monkey See...Monkey Do!!!

I have LOVED being home with my boys!!! They are growing each day and learning more things! They amaze me daily and crack me up! Recently, Austin has been Ryan's shadow and follows him everywhere doing everything he does. The other day Ryan was calling my name and I came into the room to find this!
Several minutes later I hear Austin yelling "Mama, I Ryan!" and I find Austin in the bucket!
Crazy little Monkeys!!! The other day we went outside and the boys got to go for a ride in their new wagon. They had a lot of fun, and Austin would copy everything Ryan was doing and tried to say everything Ryan would say. They are adorable!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all! We can't believe how quickly 2009 flew by, but we were happy to ring in the new year with family and friends! We spent the night together...
at a bonfire at the home of some family friends! The boys loved being outside and thought it was fun to watch the fire from afar!
Ryan made his way over to the trampoline for a bit as he worked past his shyness...
but was soon up close and a little pyro coming out of his shell!
It all started with Papa teaching him to pull a stick from the fire and hold it up...
and that led to TWO HOURS of Ryan helping Tom feed the fire. He literally picked up every stick, branch, or log he could find and would throw it into the fire! I'm in for it!!!
At least he didn't try jumping over it like this kid and some others who were there! CRAZY!!!
Austin soon climbed down from his chair and was running all over the place! He rolled down the hill a few times and was covered in ash and dirt! I definitely have boys!!!Both of the boys made it to midnight and celebrated the new year with poppers and the best fireworks we could find!
2009 brought some challenges to our family, but we have only come out stronger through them! We are excited to see what 2010 brings us!
On new years day we headed up to the cabin for some fun in the snow and relaxation!

The boys had a fun time playing in the snow! Pretend you don't see Austin's pink boots!
Once Austy was down for his nap, Justin took Ryan and Nathan to go sledding...
and for a ride on the snowmobile!
We ended the day with birthday festivities for Nana!
Mom, we hope you had a fun birthday enjoying your rest from a long week of Christmas parties and Wedding planning! We love you and are so grateful for you and all that you do for us!!!