Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day Camping Fun!!!

Father's Day weekend we went camping up at Pinecrest with some of our friends! Don't you worry! The weather was AMAZING and the complete opposite of our last Pinecrest camping adventure!"We love camping!!!"Our first day there we mostly just hung out at the campground and enjoyed each other's company! Lo climbed the tree and made room for our badminton set!We didn't waste any time and got right to playing!The kids were so cute and lined up to cheer us on! Once one of us missed, they would race to get the birdie (sp?) like the runners in tennis! Makin' dinner!Enjoyin' dinner!!!The kiddos were begging all day for some s'mores and were so excited once it was finally dark so we could make them!
Goobers! On Saturday we went to the lake enjoyed some sun!!!Josh and Mal were nice enough to pull the boat up so we could check out the whole lake!
It was BEAUTIFUL!!! It's places like this that make me so grateful to my Heavenly Father for creating such an amazingly gorgeous world for us to live in!
And so grateful to have these rugrats to share it with!!!Playing on the beach!Floating on the lake!After some fun in the sun, most of us headed back to camp to prepare dinner, while Lo and Justin headed out to catch theirs!They're small, but tasty! As they were getting cleaned up, we looked over to find Austin flailing these headless fish around! Nasty!While Mel cooked dinner that night, Mal and I got the kids to play a exciting game of "Duck, Duck, Goose!" They had a blast!The next morning we enjoyed a nice Father's Day breakfast...
...and bike ride... ...before heading home! We had a great time camping once again, and can't wait 'til next time!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Swimmers!!!

The first two weeks of june we signed the boys up for swimming lessons! They were both sooooo excited, even though rain and thunder storms threatened to ruin the first day of lesson!

We signed up for the same time and class as several of our friends. The kiddos had a great time together, but Ryan was very bothered at first no one was in his class.

Payton, Mapuana, Mo, Austin and Ryan ready to swim!!!Austin was happy to get into the water, but not nearly excited to listen to his teachers! He loved Teachers Austin and Ashlyn and they were the only one's who could get him to do anything they wanted him to.Ryan remembered everything about swimming lessons from last year, except how to swim! He is slightly uncoordinated and struggles a bit, but he'll figure it out soon!We can't wait for more swimming lessons and lots of fun next year!!!