Friday, October 29, 2010

Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party!!!

On our final day at Disneyland, we changed from our soaked clothes into our costumes...
...and headed back to the park to attend Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party!!!
There was a ton of people there even in the rain! We started off by doing some trick-or-treating... ...and did our best to stay dry! All Austin cared about was eating candy at that point! Every minute or two he was asking for another "treat" to be opened!The boys were so excited to meet up with their buddies who were at the party as well! We visited with Woody in Frontierland... ...and found Buzz and his friends in Tommorrowland! After seeing our friends and getting some treats, the rain finally stopped so we could enjoy some rides!!! We rode the Astro Blaster again and Austin thought it was fun to see himself inside and on the walls!Ryan and I rode Thunder Mountain Railroad one more time and he had his hands in the air the whole time! He's such a cutie!!! On our way out to drive home, we got to watch the Costume Cavalcade Parade and wave to all of the Disney characters dressed in their Halloween Garb!Despite the rain, we had a great time at Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party!!! It was a fun way to end our fun filled trip to Disneyland!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


While at Disneyland and California Adventure, we had to enjoy some of the shows and parades available! We have heard that the "Aladdin" show was amazing since before the last time we went, but it wasn't showing then. Luckily it was this time, so we checked it out our first day there. It definitely lived up to the hype! It was AMAZING!!!Our second day there was Ryan's birthday, and he wanted to see the "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage" show. He was really excited, because he remembered it from last time, and danced outside to the songs while we were waiting to head inside! It was a fun show full of puppetry and singing! The boys and I had fun singing along with the characters!
After the "Playhouse Disney" show, we found a spot to enjoy the "Pixar's Play Parade!" This parade is so much fun to watch! Huge floats with all of the characters from the Disney-Pixar movies roll through the streets with a lot of dancers and props! The boys waved to everyone as they went by! ...Characters...
We got to see so many Disney characters!!! I was worried that Austin would be afraid of them. He certainly surprised me though and walked up to everyone, would hug them, and barely turn around and look at the camera. Ryan, on the other hand, knew that a picture would be taken, so he would walk up and immediately turn and say "cheese!"
We got to see Mickey...
...twice!!! We visited Minnie at her house in Toon Town, and had a great time checking it out!!!
We headed to Goofy's house since he was greeting everyone on his front porch, but had to run as we got to the front of the line.
We got to Donald as he was headed out to!
Pluto was excited to see the boys! He was jumping around and clapping! Flapping his ears! Crawled around! He was a riot! Mater and Lightening!!! In Critter Country we met up with Pooh......Eeyore... ...and Tigger!!! And Tigger's really do bounce allllll over!!! He was hopping and clapping as he greeted every kid! It was funny! Outside of the Monster's Inc. ride we met up with Sulley!!! He is HUGE!!! Yes, that's Austin under there!!! Sulley was the only character who made any noise! He was making all sorts of sounds inside that costume! ...FUN...
"A" for Austin!!!
"R" for Ryan!!!
When Ryan was picking out his Mickey ears, he tried on this Goofy hat and was being silly!
Austin picked out this stuffed Mickey and was lovin' on it while we waited in line for rides! At Paradise Pier!!! The birthday boy at Mickey's house!!! Austy... Austy... Cutie Pie!!! That's who's hiding under Mickey!!!
We all had an AMAZING time at Disneyland!!! Several napless days and early mornings didn't even take the toll on these boys that I thought it would, but it sure did on Mom, Dad and Nana!!! We were exhausted, but enjoyed every minute of it!!! We can't wait to go see Mickey again!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


From October 17th-19th, Justin had a convention he was attending at the Disneyland Hotel. Since that happened to fall on Ryan's birthday, we decided to make a fun family trip out of it!!! Since Justin would be spending much of his time in classes at the convention, my mom came with us to join in the fun and help me out with the boys! As we drove up to the hotel, we were greeted by Mickey himself!!! The boys were BEYOND excited!!! I've never stayed at the Disneyland Hotel before, so I was excited too! The entrance to Downtown Disney from our hotel!
When we got into our room, we were all amazed at the intricate details there were! The headboard for both beds lit up and sang Disney songs! The pillow said "A dream is a wish your heart makes... when you're fast asleep!"
The sconces in the bathroom were Mickey hands holding a Mickey lamp and so much more!!!
We got to see Disneyland in all its Halloween glory!!! The Haunted Mansion! We were so excited to be at Disneyland! Our boys are the perfect age to go and enjoy the "Happiest place on Earth!!!" ...The Rides...
We couldn't decide which rides to go on first, and which lines were worth waiting in, but we got to go on everything we wanted to!
Austin's first pick was the carousel!
Classic Dumbo!
Mad Hatter's Tea Cups!
Austin was getting sick on this ride and was making the funniest faces. I couldn't stop laughing at him! He definitely had his Daddy's stomach!
Up...Up... and Away in "A Bug's Land!"
Crazy Ladybugs!
One of Ryan's favorites was Peter Pan! Getting ready for the Buzz Lightyear ride on Midway Mania at California Adventure!
Monster's Inc. ride! This will forever be Ryan's most treasured memory of this ride! As you get off, Roz from the movie says things to the riders. Someone controls what she says, and seeing Ryan's Mickey ears they said, "Young Man in the front... Happy Birthday!!!" He was beyond excited and has been telling everyone since then about his special message!The Astro Blaster ride in Tomorrowland!
The boys loved the flying rockets!
"Waaaahoooo!!! Yeah Baby!!!" This is what Ryan yelled on any ride he really enjoyed! We heard it here and on his favorite Thunder Mountain!!!
Austin loved this one once Nana taught him how to control it! We managed to escape the rain until our last day! Since it poured for a good hour, we rode around the park on the train you always see but never ride! We had a great time seeing Disneyland from a different view and staying dry in the process!
So much more fun was had, so check back later to see what else we did and what/who we saw!