Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Fun at the Beach House!!!

Tyler lookin' studly in his shades and hat!
Having the pool table is always fun! Ryan was mad one day that the big kids were playing and he didn't get to, so he was hiding under the table!
Uncle Larry played video games with the boys to occupy them one day!
One of the days while we were at the beach house, about 18 of us headed to LA to the Price Is Right!!! Aunt Sarah made all the arrangements and we geared up in our matching reunion shirts made by my dad at FM Graphics! All of us in the excursion... for the last time! (Mom and Dad sold it!)
Waiting for our shot to "Come on down!"
Watch on Nov. 16th to see us on the show!
One of our other favorite things to do at the beach house is sit on the sea wall and watch the waves crash. When the tide was up, the guys would do some fishing!Allen was the first to catch!
"What is it? What is it?"
None of us knew exactly, so if you can tell, please let us know with a comment! Lol!
Later that day Allen caught another one! This time it was some kind of shark. We know that for sure!
Our cousin Scott caught a baby leopard shark later in the week too. It was so much fun being at the beach house! Hopefully we'll be able to make it again someday! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Callaway for making such a fun and amazing trip possible!!! We love you so much and appreciate all of the fun and memories that you've created for us!

Friday, September 16, 2011

On the water!

Nearly every day at the beach somebody, if not everybody, would be braving the cold waters of the Pacific. And when they did, this was the sight you would see!
Everyone would line up along the wall and the deck with their cameras taking shots of all the crazy people in the water! Here they are all lined up waiting for the next big wave!
Here it comes!
AJ was out there all day! Usually the first one in the water and the last one out of the water!
Papa enjoyed riding the waves...
...and even created his own outfit for doing so with the seaweed floating around him!
So handsome!!!
Ryan was dying to get out there and go boogie boarding like he had at Sunset Beach!
Unfortunately the first wave he rode had some other plans and flipped him over, so he never went out on the boogie board again!
Justin was dead set on learning to surf! So, he and some of my brother in-laws and cousins went in together and rented a few surf boards! He had a lot of fun!
There he his, catching a wave!!!
Time for a break!
This was as close as the boys got to surfing, but they were scared of how big these boards were anyways!
Justin, Austin, Ryan and Allen!
Justin, Allen, Craig and Ross!
Allen, Justin and Steve!
The other fun thing we had to do on the water was kayak! Ryan was really excited when Big Ryan (Krista's cousin) and his friend Matt (who we call Uncle Larry) invited him to go out on the kayak with them!
Ryan got a little nervous when he was the only one in the kayak and the waves were trying to tip it. But once they passed where the waves were breaking, they were off and he calmed down!
Big Ryan said that when they were out there, Ryan was kinda worried about sharks coming to eat them! It doesn't help that we went to the Beach House the week after Shark Week! We were all paranoid!
They were riding a wave back in which quickly flipped them over. Uncle Larry's first instinct was to grab Ryan and get him above the water. I was so impressed with that, and with the fact that Ryan didn't freak out! We thought for sure he would come in upset and crying. He was just cold and ran straight to the hot tub...
...after hosing all of the sand off of himself!
Megan and Allen also had some fun on the kayak!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Toes in the water...Toes in the sand!!!"

When you looked in the hot tub and the boys weren't there, you'd find them on the beach! The greatest thing about being here is all you have to do is walk down some stairs to get down to the beach! Ryan and Austin were great about following directions and would only go down when they were with Mommy or Daddy! Which relieved a TON of stress!
Heading down for some fun!Run before the waves get you!!!Hi Mom!
I know you're shocked! Austin is holding tightly to his Uncle Allen!
My absolutely adorable nephew Tyler feeling the sand between his toes!WE LOVE THE BEACH!!!
We walked down the beach and found a fun hole that someone had dug! the kids thought it was a ton of fun to play in and knock down!
Don't let the waves get you!
It was so fun spending time on the beach with everyone!
Like I said before, my brother Trevor wasn't at the beach house, because he's on his mission. Right before we headed to the beach house he hit his 6 month mark, and he's doing some amazing work on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Even though we know he's doing what he's supposed to and where he should be, we still missed him like crazy and wished he was there. On the day we walked down the beach, we were standing there talking and I looked up and saw his name written on the wall. We had just been talking at the house about him and what he was up to. It just made us feel like he was there in some way! We love you Trev!