Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day of play!!!

Today the boys and I went with some of our friends to the water park. It was so much fun!!! Ryan I knew would love it, but Austin really surprised me! I don't know why, he is a pretty curious little guy! At first he just sat down and was watching the boys run and play...
but before I knew it, he was crawling and walking over and touching the water!It began to spray a little higher...then a little higher which completely soaked him!I thought he would start crying, but he just crawled out of the way and smiled at me. Before we knew it, he was practically running around the water! Ryan showing Austin what the water is all about! Ryan didn't want to get completely wet at first, so he was just running "by" the water...but, that quickly changed and he was soaked and shivering!
I LOVE his face in this picture!!! It just shows the fun he's having! The boys just had a great time running through the fountains and chasing each other along the way! Thanks for going with us Kris, EJ and Ollie!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Day weekend fun!!!

We had a very eventful weekend full of A LOT of traveling. On Friday we drove up to Loomis to my mom and dad's house to meet up with everyone. While we were there, Ryan got to go with Papa in his "big truck" to pick out some new baby chicks. He was VERY excited to show them off to everyone!

On Saturday we then drove up to the cabin for the weekend. We had a great time playing games...and just being goofy!!!On Sunday we took a drive to BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe!
We found a table at Sugar Pine Point and had a picnic...
took some pictures of the beautiful scenery (and of course my cute little family)...
and went for a walk down the beach and along the dock!
On Monday, Justin, the boys and I went with Steve and Ashley to Reno for the day. We first headed to check out the Sierra Trading Post Outlet. We're trying to get everything we need for our big hike into Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon this summer. We found a great deal on a two person backpacking tent, but we had to pitch it in the store to make sure there were no defects, since it was a clearance item and all.It was so funny! They cleared a spot for us and Steve and Justin had this thing up in 3 minutes flat, now that's my kind of tent! There were no defects either, so we're now set with a tent for our trip. Next we headed to Scheel's, which is the biggest sporting goods store I have ever seen! They literally have a section for nearly every sport. It felt like we were in a mall!
Ryan thought his "huge airplane" was the coolest thing ever! He kept asking how we could "get inside of it."
They had a ferris wheel in the center of the store, which Ryan just had to ride. And of course the fishies! They had a huge fresh water tank that was an arch way to walk under, as well as a salt water tank. They were really neat!We ended up home late on Monday and were exhausted, but really enjoyed our long weekend! I think we spent more time with Daddy this weekend than we have the whole month. He's been very busy with scouts, a master's thesis (one week to go), and work. We love you Daddy and we hope everyone else enjoyed their Holiday weekend as well!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're there!!!

I've posted before about how Austin was "almost there" when it came to walking. This kid just loves to crawl! He's so fast, it is just easier for him. Well, over the last week he's finally begun to realize that walking just may be a bit easier, it only took him 14 1/2 months. Unfortunately, as you can see in the video, my prediction is coming true. He's learned to walk and decided, why not run? He is into everything all of the time! Although I am excited for him to walk to save some clothes, some shoes, my arms, and his poor knees, I'm dreading the running I am going to be doing for the next little while!

My birthday!

Last Friday I celebrated my 26th birthday! I don't usually look forward to my birthday, but I still enjoyed it and had fun with the family! My day started off with 2 whiny boys who wouldn't let me shower or get ready for the day without tantrums. I then rolled my ankle on our way out the door to our first activity of the day (if you can't tell, my day didn't start off very well). We enjoyed playgroup, which we attend every Friday, where Kris was so sweet to bring cupcakes for us to share (Thank you)!

Later in the day, when Justin got home from work, we headed up to Loomis and went to dinner at Chili's with a lot of family to celebrate (Thank you Grandpa and Grandma)!

Me and Austin! Me and my Mommy!
Ryan and I with the flower he picked for me outside the restaurant!Me and my boys after they sang "Happy Birthday" to me!
All of us!
My sweet sister Natalie made me a yummy ice cream cake that we had later (Thank you)! It never ceases to amaze me how birthdays and a change in the year cause me to reflect on my accomplishments, my short comings, and my goals. This year I can't seem to get it out of my mind how fast time flies! My boys are growing so fast! Justin and I have been together for 8 years this summer! I swear I just graduated from High School, but now, that was 8 years ago! College at least, oh no, that was 4 1/2 years ago. I hope I can make the best of this next year and enjoy what the days bring. Thank you to all who celebrated with me! Love you all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Bear" Feet!

Today has been the day of errands! In between Wal Mart and the grocery store, we stopped at Mc Donald's for some lunch. While we were eating, Ryan took his shoes off, which has been his favorite thing to do no matter where we are lately, which led to this conversation.

Mommy: "Ryan, why did you take your shoes off?"
Ryan: "My feet were hot! Don't put them back on!"
Mommy: "You can't walk on the floor with bare feet, let's put your shoes on!"
Ryan: "I don't have 'bear' feet!"
Mommy: "Look at your feet. Bare feet means you have no shoes on."
Ryan: "I don't have 'bear' feet, I have white feet! Only bears have 'bear' feet!"

As I chuckled on the way out he still whined that he's NOT a bear! I love this kid and the funny things that come out of his mouth.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We had a beautiful...

Mother's Day, well day's!!! On Saturday Justin came home from his Young Men's retreat with some beautiful red roses! That's a huge treat for me! He then made me a yummy dinner and we spent the night playing with the boys.
On Sunday we headed to church where the primary children sang to the Mommies of the ward. Notice I didn't say Ryan. He refused to go up, so I was a little disappointed, since this would have been his first time singing with the primary, but he sat on my lap and listened anyway. He also had scripture and prayer for the first time, which he did a great job at.
After church we headed home, ate lunch, got changed, and headed up to Loomis to Nana and Papa's house where we got together with all of the Schmidt's. As soon as we were there, Ryan insisted Nana open her present, which I was okay with me or else he would have told her what it was.
He helped me make the blanket, so he was really excited to give it to her. Once everyone was over we had a great time!
The boys and I chillin' on the hammock! Soooooooooo relaxing (I love laying on a hammock in the shade)!
The boys had a great time playing with all of their cousins and running around.
Almost there!
We then had a fun photo op with all of my siblings and our Mommy!
She really didn't trust us and was so afraid she was going to fall!
Me, my sister's and my little (bigger than me) brother!
All of the Schmidt and Sample Mothers!
5 Generations!!!
Great Grandma Sample (1), Grandma Schmidt (2), My Dad Michael (3), Me (4), and Ryan & Austin (5). We are so lucky to have such an amazing, close and large family!!! Great Grandma Sample with 3 of her children and their spouses.

We had an amazing Mother's Day and hope you did too!