Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Days...

After a fun-filled day at Xel-Ha, we still had some souvenir shopping to do. So, we asked our tour guide to drop us off at Playa Del Carmen so we could do some shopping and grab dinner then catch the taxi back to the hotel. We were sooooo glad we did!!! The night life and people were entertaining to say the least. It was fun to experience!
 We found these carvings on a wall in town replicating those you can find at the Mayan ruins. To the left of Justin a man had a baby Jaguar he was letting people pet, but you bet you had to pay for that!

 At all the restaurants around, they would have someone dressed in traditional Mayan garb drawing people in. Very cool to see!
After spending 7 days in the Caribbean, we still hadn't watched the sun rise. Living in California, we've seen the sun set several times, so to watch it rise was a whole new experience we had to enjoy!

 Sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Unfortunately it was slightly cloudy, but that didn't take away from the beauty of the morning!
 Justin and I had an amazing time together on our trip!!! We wish we could go back right now, but someday we will and take our sweet boys to enjoy it with us!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On our final day in Mexico we enjoyed a nice and relaxing day of snorkeling. We went to a beautiful place called Xel-Ha! This is an inlet of the Caribbean Sea where the salt water mixes with the fresh water of a river. It has pretty much been turned into a natural tourist attraction.

We started the day by floating through the tree roots down the river toward the inlet.

Once we made it through the trees, we made it to this awesome bridge and area for cliff diving!

 At this point we ditched our tubes and headed out to snorkel as we floated down the river current!

 After a bit of snorkeling we came to an area where we were able to zip line and walk the tight rope!

 Back to snorkeling!


 All the fish in the sea!!!

 After snorkeling for a while, we got out of the water and hiked around the inlet til we found the Cueva Maya/ Mayan Cave! It was this cool cave that had light from above. They told us that was where people often went to bathe. It was a pretty cool place!

We had such a fun day floating, snorkeling, hiking and exploring the area!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ATV's-Zip Line-Cenote Tour

One of the other excursions we went on during our stay in Mexico was an ATV ride through the jungle to some zip lines and Cenotes! This was our "fun" tour (they all were amazing though)! We had a blast blazing through the jungle on the dirty road.

 It was so cool. We drove miles into the jungle, and all around were little shacks that were homes to the people. It's so interesting, because the people there pretty much sleep inside, but all cooking and living is done outside. They were so nice and everyone would wave to us as we drove by!
 Getting ready to ZIP!!!

 After our zip line trip, we walked in to the Cenote Kin-Ha, which if I remember correctly means Sun-Water. Basically representing where the sun meets the water.

 You seriously walk up and there's just a huge hole in the ground with a board across it. We had to walk onto the board and take a "leap of faith" and just jump in! It was scary, because you could see water below, but no clue on how far down it was or anything. It was fun! As we came up out of the water we were so disoriented, because it was so dark down there.

 They had fun swings, zip lines, hammocks, kayaks, everything to go around and explore!

 After spending some time swimming and enjoying the water, we climbed out and hiked to another cenote that was more open. It was a 60 and 75 foot jump from above. A bunch of crazy people did that one, even Justin!

This was such a fun day! We were filthy and wiped out by the end of the day, and enjoyed some time at the pool when we got back to the resort!