Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Be prepared for picture overload!!! We enjoyed 3 days at Disneyland in October and had the BEST TIME!!! Justin attends a conference every other year, and we've gotten to join him the last 2 times. These pictures are in no particular order, but give you an idea of the fun we had and show the memories we made!

First ride! Thunder Mountain Railroad! Twice in a row!!!
Haunted Mansion at Halloween time!
Early morning Splash Mountain ride!
Followed by Pirates of the Caribean! All of this was within our first hour at the most magical place on earth!
Jungle Cruise!
 Ahhhh! Got some sleep!
 First time at...
 We LOVED Cars Land and had the best time living the life of Lightening McQueen!!!
Toy Story Mania!!!
We got the boys on Tower of Terror, but probably never will again! They weren't the biggest fans!
 Ryan and Austin with Pilot Minnie! Perfect picture for Daddy!
 We were not about to spend the day walking around soaking wet from the Roaring Rapids ride!!!
 Love these two more than words can say!!!
 Goofy being just that!
 Bumper cars!
 These pictures sum up our trip and depict perfectly the way we all felt for 3 days straight! There is a reason Disneyland is called the Happy Place on Earth!!! Our dreams definitely came true!!!
 We've already begun the countdown for 2 years from now!