Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Tubbin'!!!

Last Thursday we made the much needed and long anticipated trip to Pleasanton to visit Matt and Misty. Matt and Justin were college roommates, and he lives with his wife not far from us. where they bought their first home. We've been wanting to visit for a while now, and used planning for hunting season as an excuse to finally get together. After planning and a BBQ, it was time for the HOT TUB!!!
Misty, Austin, Matt and Ryan ready to climb in!
Austin wasn't too sure and thought it was pretty hot, so he hung out on the edge of the spa for a while!
Ryan climbed in slowly...
and was jumping in before we knew it! He thought it was a swimming pool, thus making it a relaxing experience for no one!
Daddy and his boys!!!Ryan loved climbing all over Matt and was trying to stand on his hands! We had a great time! We always enjoy our time hanging out with Matt and Misty, and can't wait for our camping trip this summer!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Fun!!!

This past Saturday I celebrated my birthday. I'm getting to the point where I don't love birthdays cause it means I'm getting older, but it's nice to have a day to enjoy and do fun things! On Friday night Justin and I went out to dinner at BJ's with my sister Ashley and her husband Steve. Our plan was to then go miniature golfing, but just another sign of how old I'm getting, we were too tired so just headed home! ;)
We spent the day Saturday out at the lake for the first time this year and it was a perfectly beautiful day for it!
Steve and Ash!Me and Austy! Ryan and I!!! We headed up to the part of the lake where the American River enters into Folsom Lake and picked a good spot to swim and have some snacks! Ryan and Uncle Trev getting ready to jump in! Trying to convince Austin! Snack time!Ryan and Daddy braved the cooler than normal waters! As did Aubrey! Ryan tried to use her as a ladder to climb up onto the boat and thought it was hilarious! After some swimming and snacks, we headed a little further up the river to the Salmon falls Bridge, which is where rafters exit the waters after riding the river. Steve and Trevor were the gutsy ones and jumped off the bridge! Just another sign of my age! 8-10 years ago I would have been doing it right along with them! Ryan and Austin had a lot of fun helping Papa drive the boat back out towards the lake!Once we got out of the "No Wake" zone, we pumped up the tube for some tubing fun! Ryan and I went first! He is soooooo brave for a 4 1/2 year old! We was cracking up and laughing the entire time! He would turn to me every few minutes and yell, "Mom, I'm so excited it's your birthday so we could come to the lake and ride in the tube! I love you!!!" It was so funny and adorable!
Next up, Uncle Steve and Ryan! He was able to convince Ryan to let go of the handles and put his hands in the air. He wouldn't do that for me!
While Ryan took turns tubing with everyone, Austin relaxed in the boat and helped out with the flag. If anyone fell out, he was ready to raise it high!We had such a great time at the lake and headed home for a nice BBQ after! Thank you all who made my birthday such a fun one!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Festivities!!!

Our Mother's Day this year was pretty busy, but a lot of fun! Justin and Ryan made us a yummy breakfast while Austin and I played! Thank you guys!
We then had church where Justin was lucky enough to be giving a talk, and I was in charge of sharing time. Not the most relaxing Sabbath for the two of us, but very beneficial none the less!
After church we headed straight up to Loomis to spend time with family and celebrate all of the Mother's in our lives!
Me and my Mama!!! I love her so much!!! She has always been there for me and has been a support system for me all of my life! Although I have to share her with 5 other siblings, she knows each of us so well and has been an amazingly loving, caring and supportive Mother to all of us! We have all been so lucky to have her as our Mommy! She's the best, and I only can hope to be as good of a Mom to my children has she has been to me! Too bad her patience hasn't rubbed off on me, I could use a little more of that! Me and my first born! I love him more than life itself!!! Austin and I! He is my little angel, and I love him to pieces!!! We, of course, had to take the 5 generations picture! Who knows how many years we'll be able to do this one, so we've got to keep it updated!I love my Mom, my Mother-in-law, my Grandmother's, my Great-Grandmother's, my Sisters, my Aunts, my Cousins, my Friends, and all of the other Mommy's in my life who make me a better Mommy and a better person each day! I hope you all had a wonderful and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Entertainment!!!

Our boys are our constant entertainment! Justin and I can sit and laugh for hours at the funny things they do and say, and sit and smile as we watch them play together! We had our first really warm night about a week ago, so they decided it was time for some cooler PJ's. First choice...
They were chasing each other back and forth through the hallway while simultaneously making sure their capes were "flying in the wind!" It was so cute to watch!
Austin is our active little one, and he's constantly into everything! The other day I was cleaning in the kitchen while Justin was outside with the boys and suddenly I heard some wood clanking in the garage. Moments later Justin yells into me, "Come out here... and grab the camera!" Austin had found these wooden shoes in the garage, climbed up to get them, and put them on. The wood clanking was him shuffling along so they wouldn't fall of his feet!
Typical Austin, cheesy grin!!!
Ryan finds things to make us laugh all the time. I will often hear, "Hey Mom, check this out!" and I'll find Ryan trying to do something silly! While in L-Town last weekend, Ryan found these teeth in Aubrey's room and ran around pretending to eat everyone with them! It was so funny, cause they would fall out nearly every time and land on whomever was his latest victim!
So cute!!! So handsome!!! So loveable!!! Sooooooooo entertaining!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last weekend we headed up to L-Town for some fun! What could be more fun then two boys+Papa+a quad?!? The boys love their time playing outside with their Papa, and I LOVE to watch them!
The main reason for our trip was to celebrate Craig and Janaye's wedding!
They were married in the Seattle LDS Temple on Saturday, April 24, 2010! We got to celebrate at an Open House on May 1st, since most of us weren't able to make the trip to Washington! It was a beautiful night, and a lot of fun visiting with family and friends!
My two beautiful, amazing, caring Grandmother's! I love them so much!!!
They boys loved eating and sneaking up to the dessert table every chance they got! But they loved the fire pit the most! They decided they needed to roast marshmallow's, and it turned into a lot of fun for everyone!
Congratulations Craig and Janaye!!! We are so happy for you guys!!! Thanks for giving us another reason to spend some time with our family and friends!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Water Weather!!!

Our weather lately here in Cali has included water in one way or another! It has either been raining, or so warm the boys think they need to be getting wet to cool off! We prefer the later! A couple weeks ago we headed to one of the local water parks. Austin was a little timid...
until he was fully clothed and out of his bathing suit! Then running through the puddles and getting as soaked as possible turned into a lot of fun!
Ryan had a great time and was getting as wet as possible playing with the local kids who were running around in their underwear! NO, I'm not kidding!
Today it was a warm 86 degrees, so Ryan convinced us to open the Buzz Lightyear rocket ship sprinkler he and Austin got from the Easter Bunny! He had a lot of fun making it blast off...
until Austin woke up! He wouldn't let Ryan turn the water off to shoot it into the air, so they were instead running under the fountain!
Austin was drenched before I could get his swimsuit on him, but he had a lot of fun anyways!
Once Ryan was over Austin not letting him blast off the rocket, he had fun running through the water too! This one got me and my camera soaked!
We love our warm, sunny, water weather days and look forward to many more to come!!!