Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday we went over to the Naven's to play on their fun new toy. The boys had a great time while Kris and I caught some rays!
Ryan going down!
Austin just watched from afar. He did go down once with Mommy's help, but wanted out of the water immediately!
He quickly found some other toys to enjoy!
Thanks for sharing your fun new toy with us!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Young Women Camp

Formerly known as Girls Camp! Our stake changed the name of camp this year to Young Women Camp! I was one of the lucky ones called to be a counselor to these amazing young women! It was tough leaving Justin and the boys behind, but I definitely had a great time enjoying mother nature and the spirit of Young Women Camp!
Our first night skit to introduce our name "Young Women's Camp Next Top Modest Models," (hence the posing)!

Such good girls doing their capers!Me and my amazing co-counselor! We had a great time and A LOT of laughs!Us with our girls! All of our girls!
Courtney, Mal, myself and Kris! Also know as the "Lathrop Ward Crew!"
Wednesday to Thursday we got to go on an 8 mile round trip overnight hike. Here we are right before our "journey into the wilderness!"A beautiful lookout we stopped off at for a rest!Our final destination, Sword Lake! Can you say BEAUTIFUL!?!We had a great time swimming...roasting marshmallow's...
and just enjoying the beautiful scenery!
I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go to Young Women Camp and work with these beautiful Young Women. It was an amazing time where we grew closer to one another and to our Heavenly Father.

Monday, July 20, 2009

We finally hit the lake!

About two weeks ago we were finally able to take Justin's jet ski out to the lake. We went up to Loomis to drop the boys off at Nana and Papa's house while I went to camp (check back later for post) and Justin worked, so we fit the lake into our trip. It took us a while to get there, so once we finally made it out the door, Austin was wiped, so he stayed home with my Mom. He did find time to help Daddy get the jet ski ready though!

Justin and Steve ready to ride!

Off they go!

Me, Ashley, Megan and Aubrey stayed on the beach...

while Ryan swam...

played in the sand...

and built a sandcastle with Auntie Aubrey!

Ryan and May May playing in the water! Well, I won't tell you what Megan is really doing!We had a lot of fun and got the jet ski all ready for Lake Powell! Only a couple more weeks!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night we were getting ready to go for a bike ride and Ryan was hiding under the sheets of our bed. Justin went and jumped on him and started to tickle him and Ryan yelled,
"Okay, now you're really pushing my buttons!!!"
Where does this kid come up with this stuff???

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our trip to...

We have gone for the past three years during the 4th of July and have loved spending that time with our family. We drove all night Wednesday, got there at 4:00 AM Thursday morning and spent the rest of the week and weekend having a lot of fun! The boys and I went shopping with grandma while we were there and they loved this cart! They are so stinkin' cute!
On Thursday night we headed up to the Reservation where fireworks are sold by the dozens. There were nearly 100-150 fireworks stands lined up in a gravel parking lot with fireworks going off all around us. I had to document this interesting experience!
Ryan and Daddy picking out some fireworks!
Justin, Grandpa Ben, Austin and Ryan with the loot!
On Saturday we celebrated Independence Day by walking in the annual Lake Tapps Parade! Daddy and the boys ready to go!
My adorable "American Boy(s)!!!"
Waving to the parade watchers!
The beautiful scenery!
After the parade we headed to Kirstin and William's house to relax, barbecue, and enjoy the view!
Ryan played with these toys the whole time. Well, at least when he wasn't in the water!
Austin LOVED the watermelon, and Auntie Kirstin kept it comin'!
Playing with Auntie Kim and Zoey, the adorable puppy!
After some good food, we spent a lot of the day on the water!
Ryan and Grandpa Ben in the kayak!
Auntie Kirstin and Ryan going for a ride!
William and Kirstin also got a new wave runner while we were there, and we all had a great time on it! (Thank you for letting us enjoy it with you!)
Ryan and Daddy!
Austin and Daddy!
The boys LOVED being pulled in the tube! I was amazed at how much my cautious and worrisome Ryan loved it! He kept asking if he could go in it over and over again!Ryan and Harrison ready to go!
And they're off!

After the day of play we switched to "pyros-r-us" mode! Ryan, Tanner and Harrison loved helping Justin set off the fireworks!After our own little show, we sat down and watched the big show!
The whole night was really a "big show!" People are lighting off illegal fireworks all around the island and the lake. It is AMAZING to watch!
We love all of the time we get to spend with our family in Washington. 13 hours of whiny boys both ways was worth it! We love you all and can't wait to visit again!!!