Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ryan's 6th Birthday!!!

The day we headed home from Reno was Ryan's 6th Birthday!!! I don't know how this has happened! Six years has flown by, and my precious little baby has grown into a sweet boy!He was so excited to see Nana and Papa's house all decorated for his special day!We had some family over for a BBQ and enjoyed hanging out and playing outside!Present Time!!!"Happy Birthday To You!!!"Make a wish!!!We love you Ryan and hope this year is a great one for you! We love watching you learn and grow everyday, and enjoy your fun loving personality in our home!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In mid October Justin had a convention in Reno he had to attend. It just so happened to be "Fall Break" for the boys, so we decided to join him!The boys were SOOOO EXCITED to get to our hotel room and check everything out!The convention started on Sunday afternoon, so we spent the morning together and went and walked around the temple grounds. Even though we missed out on our church meetings, it was fun to go to the temple and partake of the spirit there!On Monday we mostly hung out at the hotel and swam at the pool. The weather was beautiful and just right for us to lounge by the pool all day!
On Monday evening we took the boys to do some fun things for Ryan's birthday, which was Tuesday! We found this fun place that had a indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course. Ryan was dying to go to "Pirate's Cove!"Headed in to "Pirate's Cove!" Austin was a little less than excited in case you couldn't tell!He finally warmed up to the fun, but had to be holding someones hand at all times!The Birthday Pirate!!!After that we headed to Scheel's and took a ride on the Ferris Wheel!!!Goobers!!!
This one's for Uncle Steve who's such a huge fan of UNR! Haha! Not!Later that evening we had some fun at the arcade at the hotel!We had so much fun in Reno celebrating Ryan's birthday and hanging out with Dad while he learned a lot at his convention!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ryan's Party!!!

Early in October we had a Birthday party for Ryan's 6th Birthday! He was so excited to have a "Jake And The Neverland Pirates" themed Birthday party and have his friends from school and church over to celebrate!So excited to share some "Crocodile Blood" (red cool-aid) with his friends!Happy Partiers!!!After some tasty Pirate food, we had a fun treasure hunt with lots of loot on the path to become a pirate!The map led us in the end to the treasure chest! These feisty pirates had to fight for it of course then try to break it open to see what was inside!SCORE!!!After some presents and some "Happy Birthday" tunes...These partying pirates enjoyed some time on the trampoline!
Thank you all who celebrated Ryan's 6th Birthday with us! We had a great time!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Airport Open House!!!

The first Saturday in October we attended the Livermore Municipal Airport Open House! This is where Justin works, and the boys love taking every opportunity possible to go visit and see the airplanes.Daddy was able to step away for a few minutes here and there to show us around! Austin and Ryan thought this was the greatest thing in the world!We wandered around and checked out every type of airplane that was there and had a great time doing so!They even got to climb inside a few and give them a "test drive!"We also got to take a peek at a army truck...and a firetruck!!!Later in the day we enjoyed watching the air show! The boys were very excited!Ohhhhh!!!! Ahhhh!!!!
Ryan was very intrigued!!!We had so much fun at the open house and visiting Daddy at work! Can't wait for next year!