Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun with Trigger!!!

We LOVE Trigger!!! The first few weeks were very hard and as if we had a baby suddenly, but it has been worth it! The boys have so much fun lovin' on him, throwing the ball for him, making sure he's fed, and holding him while they still can! Ryan was picking him up one day and said to him, "Come here so I can hold you while you are still little. Pretty soon you are going to be to big for me to pick you up since you grow faster than me, at least that's what Mom says." I thought it was so cute, and funny that he was having a conversation with the dog. They have helped out with him a lot and are enjoying having a pet!He's about 10 weeks old in these photos, and is even cuter in person!He's about 2 weeks older in these next pictures. Man he grows fast!!!Watching a movie together! 14 weeks old!We love taking Trigger outside, and he enjoys watching the boys on their bikes, as does Mommy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day!

We had a fantastic Valentin's Day where we celebrated all the LOVE'S in our lives! EACHOTHER!!! The boys both had school and enjoyed their Valentine exchanges.
Austin seemed extremely excited! Lol!
Ryan was a little less expressive!My treat from my Valentine's! Edible Arrangements, which I think Austin mostly ate! That kid loves his fruit!We enjoyed a great dinner together with our heart shaped pizza and sparkling cider!CHEERS to those we love!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Community Field Trip!

Ryan is learning about "Our Community" in his Social Studies unit at school right now. As part of the unit, we got to go on a field trip to the local public library. he was so excited to ride a bus yet again! When we first got there all of the kids played on the park out front. It was a cold and foggy February morning, but these kiddos didn't let that get them down! :-)Ryan and his best buddy Jayce!I LOVE Ryan's school! We have him in a charter school, and it is so family oriented! Austin was able to come on the field trip with us, and even joins me as I help in the classroom during the week. There were also almost as many parents there with us as there were kiddos! This is something I'm not used to as I taught at a school where I had to beg for a parent chaperon to join us for a field trip and never had a parent help in my classroom, but I LOVE it!!!When we went inside, the kids enjoyed some Read-A-Loud time and games, then got a tour of the whole library! We are so grateful for our community and have since gotten Ryan his own library card where he has picked out several books!