Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aviation Museum

On our way to Washington this year we decided to make a pit stop at the Evergreen Aviation Museum just outside of Portland, OR. Grandpa Ben and Grandma Patti came down from WA to spend the day with us at this wonderful place. The boys loved checking out all of the airplanes, spaceships, helicopters, and everything else aviation!


 Ryan found a plane named after him!
 Austin under the Spruce Goose! The museum was built around this huge, monstrous plane!

Just next to the museum is an indoor water park. On top of the water park is an airplane. There are 4 waterslides that come out of it once you climb the stairs inside. After a day at the museum we spent the afternoon enjoying the water!

After a fun filled day we made the trek the rest of the way to WA!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Final Fair Week!

 For the last several years we have been going to the county fair to watch my younger siblings show swine and cattle. My boys have been going since they were born. Well, this summer we reached our final fair. Aubrey, my youngest sister, is off to college in September making the fair in June her last one.
 She did great! It's always fun to watch a bunch of kids walk pigs with a stick in an giant pen! It's quite entertaining!
 The boys always have fun checking on the pigs, but their real enjoyment is convincing us to take them on some rides.
 Austin was so helpful in taking Tyler from one ride to the next. It was so cute to watch!
 We are going to miss going to the fair and spending that time with family. But hopefully Ryan and Austin will be able to participate in 4H and show animals when they turn 9 or so too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Father's Day Weekend Tradition!!!

 Father's Day weekend it has become a tradition to go camping with a few of our friends. All our kids play so well together and we all get along great, so why not!!! One of the nights there we tried to watch a movie on the projector (I must admit I was pretty excited about this), but our generator wasn't working. We tried everything and it just wouldn't turn over. Without it we didn't have enough power to run the projector, so on the laptop it was for the kids. They were over it pretty quickly, but had fun!
 During the day we would walk over to the lake and enjoy the sun and water!!!
 Ryan thought he was the king of the raft, and got pretty good and paddling it around.
 Austin tends to enjoy his feet on the land a bit better and had fun playing with the sand and water toys.
 Mal will love this one! ;-) She was 37 weeks pregnant and crazy enough to camp with us! Just had to document it!
 Our campsite had its pros and cons. We LOVED being so close to the water. We were about as close as we could get in terms of campsites close to the lake. That was awesome! It was so easy to walk across the street, then walk back to camp for lunch. So nice! The bad part was that the road went right behind camp. We laid out the boundaries for the kids, and they were really great, but the noise from it wasn't the best. The other downfall was that people would pretty much walk through our camp to get to the beach. That was annoying. We all decided though that the pros far outweigh the cons. The view was AMAZING!!!
 The kids would all play on this stump and had so much fun pretending that it was everything from an airplane, to a bus, to an animal on their hunt!
 I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Nothing like a boy and his dog, in the dirt, with a bow and arrow!
 We had the best time and can't wait til next year to continue with our tradition!!!