Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Boys...

My boys are sooooooo adorable! Here are some pictures showing you why...
Getting ready for church.

Kicking back and relaxing.

My Big Boy Ryan!

My sweet baby Austin!

"Mommy you hear dat?"

So, like I previously blogged, we've started potty training Ryan. You all must have a lot of faith, because he suddenly picked up on it. I've also decided that he is an auditory learner. After having a serious accident that left a path on the carpet to a large puddle on the bathroom floor I put Ryan on the "potty" to clean it up. As he sat there, he went a little bit more and saw what he was doing. We put on new "big boy underwear" and went off to play. About 30 minutes later I asked him if he needed to go potty, and he said "yeah." We went in, sat down, and I went to get Austin who was crying in the other room. As I walked back into the bathroom, Ryan said "Mommy you hear dat?" Sure enough, he was going "potty." We celebrated, he got his reward, and he's been dry ever since (28 hours). He even took his own diaper off this morning, climbed onto the potty, and went by himself. It's amazing to me how quickly he picked up on it! Everytime he goes, he reminds us "We can hear it!" Like I said, an auditory learner.


So, I've always known that I wasn't blessed with patience! It is something that I've prayed for and worked on, but it's never been tried more than when I had kids. However, I need it now more than ever! I've ventured into that "fun" stage of potty training. Ryan has chosen to go potty everywhere other than in the potty. On the carpet, on the ottoman (luckily it's leather), on the seat cushion at the kitchen table, and on the floor in the kitchen. It seemed to bother him on day one, but now, not so much. "Mommy I go potty. Got to clean it." Off to the next pair and within two hours "Mommy I go potty. Got to clean it." We even sit on the toilet and read stories, go every 20 minutes or so and try, but no go. I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever go on the potty. So, back to patience. Like I said, I've prayed for it and worked on it, but now I need your prayers too. Please!!! I need all the help I can get!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A visit to the farm...

About a week ago we spent some time visiting Nana and Papa's house. While we were there, Ryan's friend EJ got to come over and they spent some time looking at, petting, and even feeding the animals.

Ryan and EJ feeding Max some apples.

Feeding Rosie and the baby cow that Ryan named Moo, creative isn't he.

EJ loved the pigs.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Come back soon!

We enjoyed a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Drinkwater last week, not to mention Fleur and Lucy as well (the dogs). We had a great time, although Grandpa may never want to visit again as he spent the whole time working on projects with Justin. We really appreciate all of his help!

Ryan of course helped out in any way that he could.

While the boys worked hard, Grandma spent precious time with Austin.

Grandpa was able to squeeze some time in too.

We had a great time, but Ryan most of all loved Feeding and playing with Fleur and Lucy.

Come back soon! Please!

Blessing Day

We had the pleasure of blessing Austin this past Sunday and we enjoyed the company and support of our family as we did so.

My angel baby!

Proud Daddy!

All of the wonderful men and Priesthood holders who were here to support us in blessing Austin. From left to right, Great-Uncle martin, Great-Uncle Blaine, Great-Grandpa Callaway, Papa, Grandpa, Daddy, Great Papa, Great-Uncle Steve, and Uncle Steve. Thank you for being there for us.

After the blessing, we headed home for some food and festivities. Photo shoots of course had to be fit in, and neither Ryan nor Austin were enjoying them too much.

~5 Generations~

Ryan and Austin, Mommy, Papa, Great Grandma Schmidt and Great-Great Grandma Sample.

Austin and Ryan with Nana and Papa Schmidt.

Austin and Ryan with Grandma and Grandpa Drinkwater.

Austin and Ryan with Great Papa and Great Grandma Schmidt.

Ryan and Austin with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Callaway.

Ryan and Austin with Great-Great Grandma Sample.

All of the Schmidt family.

Uncle Steve, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Aubrey, Mommy holding Austin, Daddy, Aunt Megan, Nana, Papa, Uncle Trevor, and Aunt Natalie holding Ryan.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The week at a glance...

We had a good time together this week. Just me and my boys!
Ryan entertained us all when things got dull and added his adorable smile to everything.

Austin slept the day away, but not the night of course! :)

Ryan learned how to "puddle" his big boy bike. (Thank you "Uncle Willwam" and Aunt Kirstin! Ryan loves his bike, or as he calls it, his "motorcycle".)
Austin watched from afar with Mommy.
On Wednesday we went to Ryan's friend Aaron's 3rd Birthday party. Happy Birthday Aaron! Ryan enjoyed his cupcake after ensuring us "I don't want eat paper." We didn't make him.
Most of the kids who partied with us!
Ryan's buddies from left to right (Aaron, Michael, EJ, and Ryan).
Austin really enjoyed the party as well!
My boys love each other so much! You can't deny it, they're adorable!
He's waving to you!
I have truly enjoyed being home with my boys and watching both of them change, grow, and try new things. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be their mother!