Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Justin has been working really hard to finish his theisis and project for his Master's. He has been spending every Saturday on it, and usually has to go to his office or the library. So, this weekend, since we had stake conference and no class to teach, we headed up to Nana and Papa's house. We had a great time as usual.

On Saturday it was beautiful and sunny out, so we spent the day outside. Ryan tried to play volleyball with us and got pretty silly!
Ryan then wanted to ride his quad, so we got it out and ready and Austin wanted to go too...
but we didn't let him. Instead he posed for a fun photo shoot with Auntie Ashley!
It started raining really hard on Saturday night, so we spent the rest of the weekend inside. The boys played and had fun...
and Ryan even saw a lizard for the first time!
It was hilarious!!! He at first wanted to hold it and nearly pulled the poor things tail off. I don't think he thought it was real. In the end, he helped Nana let the lizard go outside.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Every Friday we get together with some ladies from our ward for "Mother and Children's Playgroup." We get together and visit while the kiddos have fun and play. We've been cooped up with playgroup inside since the holidays, so it was fun to finally have it outside with some sun!

Ryan and Payton
Ryan had fun climbing the rock wall...
and was so proud when he made it to the top!Austin wanted to try too...but was continually sidetracked by the bark!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Bowling Night!

Since Justin and I both had the day off of work yesterday, we decided that it would be a good day to do something extra fun for family night. It was, of course, raining outside, so we found a fun indoor activity. Ryan has actually wanted to go bowling since we went for the first time on Christmas Eve, so we decided that would be perfect. We invited our friends the Naven's to go with us and we had a great time!

Ryan and EJ ready to bowl!Austin sat contently in the stroller and watched all of the action!
Ryan had a great time bowling again, and even remembered the proper technique, at least for a 3 year old!
Daddy didn't do too bad himself, although he and I tied, so unfortunately neither of us could have bragging rights as we usually do when competing!
After each turn bowling, Ryan would either run over and give Daddy or I a "high five"...
or give his brother a big squeeze!!!
I had to post both, because Austin looks cute in one and Ryan in the other!

On a side note, Ryan looks like a wet dog, because he was. As we were getting ready to go Ryan comes in and yells "Mommy, look at me, I'm all wet!" He was soaked!!! Seconds before, right after I finished combing his hair, I pointed out how hard it was raining. As soon as I left the room, he took it upon himself to go out and see just how hard. He opened the sliding glass door and ran into the backyard with just his socks on. We only had enough time to change those, before leaving, so his nasty hair remained wet and sloppy! Oh well! The joys of having boys I guess!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dress Up!!!

When we went to Washington for Thanksgiving, Auntie Kirstin gave us a ton of old costumes that Tanner and Harrison had used for Halloween over the years (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!). Ryan was really excited and last night wanted to be Woody, since he plays with the hat regularly. I ran upstairs and got the bags so we could find the costume and it ended up turning into a night of musical costumes.

He started out as Buzz Lightyear! He would stand on the coffee table and yell "To infinity, and beyond!" Then jump to the couch!
When dinner was ready, I had to yell "It's time for dinner Batman!" or else Ryan, I mean Batman, wouldn't come to the table.
After a while some of our friends came over and joined in the fun!
Sully from Monster's Inc. became the favorite!
Even Josh rocked that costume!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun!!!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!! We had a great time spending the day with those we love!Justin and I switched nights with some friends and watched each other's kiddos so that we could go out without the cost of babysitting. On Friday night we went to dinner and a movie and then spent Saturday night in with our stinkers plus one more.
We started our Valentine's Day off by spreading the love with some heart-shaped pancakes!
I put a little Valentine's Day treat by the boy's plates, so they had fun checking those out while they ate!
We enjoyed just hanging out the rest of the day and devoured some heart-shaped pizza for dinner!

Friday, February 6, 2009


This post is for you Auntie Megan!!!

This morning I was getting the boys their milk and had only 2 sippy cups that were clean, and they happened to look exactly the same. I figured it wouldn't matter, so I filled Ryan's with milk and Austin's with his formula. Later, we headed upstairs and I was making Ryan's bed and cleaning up his room a little. The boys were just playing around and doing some puzzles. As I'm folding back Ryan's covers he hands me a sippy cup as he's DRY HEAVING and says, "MOM, THIS MILK TASTES YUCKY!!!" I immediately knew it was Austin's formula, so that made me laugh, and what he said made me laugh until I cried!!!

Are you laughing now Megan?!?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Story Time!

This week I had to take Austin to a doctor's appointment up in Roseville, so we decided to head up the day before and spend the night at Nana and Papa's house. While we were there the boys did some cute things that I just had to share.
We were sitting at the table on Monday night eating dinner and talking. Austin was making a mess, as usual, and just chatting away. He suddenly stopped, looked at my Dad across the table and said, "Papa!" It was so cute and the first time he's said anything other than "Mama" or "Dada!"
After dinner Ryan was really tired, since he hadn't taken a nap, and so was Uncle Trevor. They decided to go to Trev's room and watch a movie. I went in to try and get Ryan's jammies on, but he refused and said he was "watching a movie with Uncle." So, I let him be and took this cute picture of them.
I went to help clean up dinner and returned about 20 minutes later to find this...
Yes, they are both asleep, and it appears as though Trevor sleeps with one eye open! I guess that may have stemmed from growing up with 5 sisters.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The days cuteness!

Ryan and Austin are completely adorable!!!
We've had so much fun watching them grow and learn new things everyday. The other day Justin was heading out to wash the cars, and Austin thought he would help out!We've also been having beautiful weather lately, so we've taken a few trips to the park and had a lot of fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Sunday!

Also known as Super Bowl Sunday! We had some fun watching the "big game" this year. We haven't really have paid a whole lot of attention to the Super Bowl the last few years, even though I love football, but this year we decided to get together with a few friends and have some fun with it! I went with the whole football theme and made some "7-Layer Bean Dip" and some football shaped cookies (that's also a helmet in the middle).
I'm not a very creative person, so I'm pretty proud of my work!
The boys both found this seat rather comfortable for watching the "big game!"
By about half-time Justin was getting restless and needed more to eat than snacks, so he headed up the grilling with the traveling BBQ that my Mom and Dad got him for Christmas (Thank you)!
We weren't really rootin' for any particular team, but had fun with friends!