Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's go... the zoo!!!
The Friday before Ryan started school was Justin's flex day off, so we decided to do something fun before the routine of school began again!!! We decided that the zoo would be fun since the boys loved it, Justin hadn't been yet, and it was FREE!!!
We decided that we needed to ride the train first this time so Ryan wouldn't ask the whole time! It was so much fun!!!
The train's theme was the "Outback Express" where we got to go to the "Wild Australia" exhibit. We got to be up close and personal with the wallaroos and emus! It was really fun and neat to see!!!
After our fun on the "Outback Express," we headed into the zoo to see the other animals inside!
The boys LOVE the elephants... ...and the giraffe's!!! These are beautiful animals and probably my favorite too!!!
Ryan remembered exactly where the alligators were and ran right to them!After checking out the animals the boys had fun playing in the play area! We had a great time at the zoo and an awesome family fun day!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First day...

of PRE-K!!!
Today was Ryan's first day of preschool in his Pre-K class! Last Thursday, we got to go and meet his teachers and get acclimated to the classroom! This year's theme is Bee's and "Buzzing into Preschool!!!"
Meeting his teacher who we love!!!
Checking out the classroom!!!
After a scavenger hunt around the classroom, we headed to the "hive" to learn more about the school and this years rules and theme!
My cute little bumble bee!!!
I was so glad that we got to go and meet his teachers, because he was so much more comfortable and excited to go today!!!
All ready for school!!!Austin had to join in on the fun! He's going to miss his big brother!
Dropping Ryan off he got right to it and headed in for some fun!So three days a week I get to spend more time this adorable little face!!!
It was so sweet! After we dropped Ryan off, Austin asked me over and over again when it was time to get Ryan. He just didn't know what to do without his buddy around to play with him. He finally figured it out around 11:00 when it was almost time to get Ry and was having a great time playing without having to fight for a toy or share with anyone!
But, he was definitely happy to have Ryan back home after school!!!
I managed to get through the day without shedding a tear! That is, until nap time for Austin when Ryan picked "Love You Forever" as our story time book. This is a book about a boy who grows up and his Mommy sings him this song while he sleeps every night:
"Love you forever
Like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be!"
He asked me what the note was that was written in the front, so I read it to him. The book was given to me as a gift from my parents the day Ryan was blessed. Let's just say, the tears started flowing then!!! It's so sad to me and hard to think of the milestones we reach and that they pass so quickly as does the time! I only have one more year of having my kids home with me most of the time, and next year all of that will change and the years having children in school will begin! Where does time go?!?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Santa Cruz Fun...

I had only been to Santa Cruz twice in my life until we went camping! Then, we went twice in one week!!! After our camping trip, my family had a guest from out of town who had never been to the ocean before. They decided to take her to Santa Cruz, so the boys and I decided to join them! We had A TON OF FUN!!!
We started off at Natural Bridges State Beach! Played volleyball for a bit...
...and just hung out......until everyone decided to get a bit closer to the water!!!
Ryan and Auntie Aubs had fun dipping their feet in...
...and running away from the waves!!!
Austin wasn't too sure until Uncle Trev talked him into it!!!
They got a little too close for comfort...
...and Ryan had to come join in the fun!!!
Before we knew it, Trevor...
...and Steve were skin boarding...
...then went in all the way with Aubrey and Kassie!!! CRAZY!!!
The boys weren't up for swimming in the ocean with the sharks, so they switched gears to playing in the sand...
...and working together... build a sandcastle!!!
Unfortunately, the waves came a little to close for comfort and tried to take a few of their sand toys into the ocean, so Austin packed up and headed up the beach!!! Back to building a sandcastle on much safer grounds with the help of Aubrey and Kassie...
...and Uncle Trevor too!!!
So proud of his masterpiece!!!
After a bit, we took a walk to the tide pools to check out some sea creatures!!! Luckily we moved right before the big wave came that would have taken us out to sea!!!
We decided after a while to switch to a new beach and headed to the Boardwalk!!!We played volleyball again, this time with a net!!!
And had some fun in the sun!!!
Ryan wanted to be buried, so we covered him up!
Austin wanted to try, but was done very quickly!!! Not a fan of being dirty I guess!!! Well, this time at least!!!
Ryan wanted to be buried again, so Auntie Natalie and Auntie Megan turned him into a mermaid! That's right, I said mermaid, not merman! Silly Aunties!!!
He would have stayed there all day if we would've let him, or should I say if the tide would have let him! He laid there for a good 5 minutes until a wave came and "uncovered" him! It was pretty funny!
Ashley, Megan, Aubrey, Me and Natalie! My sisters!Right after this picture, there were some seals poking their heads out to say hello! The boys were watching so intently!!! Ryan was lovin' on Nana when Trevor came and squished them!
The whole gang! We sure missed Daddy and Papa on our trip to the beach! They'll have to join us next time!