Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camping at Sunset Beach!!!

In mid July we went camping at Sunset Beach in Watsonville with Nana and Papa Schmidt, Uncle Steve, Aunt Ashley, Tyler, Uncle Allen, Aunt Megan, and Aunt Natalie! We missed Uncle Trevor who was on his mission (and still is) and Aubrey who was at Lake Powell (brat)!We decided that we are going to do a camping trip every summer together, so this was our first anual trip! On the first day after everyone was settled, we drove to Capitola and walked around the little town.It's so cute! We checked out the beach there, then went to the best deli/bakery in the world!That night while we made dinner, Justin and the boys found some cool trees to climb near our camp spot. They had a lot of fun being little monkeys!Daddy and Ryan got up pretty easily, but Austin was having a hard time!So Daddy reached down for him, and Mommy lifted him up! He was a lot happier then!The next few days we just enjoyed the beach! It was beautiful!!!
Austin loves his Uncle Allen! He wanted him to play with him the whole weekend!LOVE the two little beach bums!!!The beach was littered with Sanddollars! They were everywhere! Megan taught Ryan who taught mommy what live sanddollars look like when they are alive compared to when they were dead. We walked the beach and gathered quite a collection of them!On one of our many walks down the beach we noticed that there were a ton of seagulls in one area. We decided that they were having a meeting and Ryan decided that "we should interrupt their meeting!" It was too funny to watch the boys chasing after them. Especially since Austin was only in his underwear thanks to a huge wave that soaked his shorts.We spent all of Saturday at the beach, and this time the boogie boards came out!Ryan headed out for his first experience on the boogie board!He LOVED it! He would stand up once he was beached and head back out yelling "Yeah Baby! WoooHooo! Let's do that again!" Ryan's coined terms when he's having a great time!Austin decided he was certainly missing out on some fun, so he found himself a boogie board and headed out to hit the waves!Since Daddy was helping Ryan, who did Austin turn to?! Uncle Allen of course!He wasn't too sure about it and only went out the one time! Once the boys were done, the guys headed out to watch the dolphins swim right by them while they waited for the best waves!We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sand......playing games......and flying kites!!!
We found this big hole that someone dug, so Uncle Steve got his shovel and started digging deeper with the boys. They thought this was so cool!
We had an amazing time camping with our family and can't wait for the tradition to continue next year!!! Love you all!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Washington Fun!!!

We have had such a busy and fun summer! Can't believe it's already over and that we are in full swing of the school routine now, but I have some catching up to do!
While we were in Washington, we went to the park with Sunne, Piper and Dawson while Justin and Jared went shooting. The boys had a blast playing with their cousins! On the teeter-totter!After some dinner and fun at the park, we went back to Jared and Sunne's house, and the kiddos watched a movie! Piper was so excited to have Ryan and Austin (but mostly Austin) over to play! They were so cute!One of the other days during our visit we headed to Spud's for some fish n' chips! Justin had the boys as excited as he was!We love visiting Washington and spending time with our Drinkwater side of the family! We truly miss them living here in California, but look forward every year to the time we get to spend with them! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Days...

Yesterday, August 15, 2011 was Ryan's first day of kindergarten! He was ready and excited to go!With his backpack loaded and ready!We arrived to Mrs. Applegarth's kindergarten classroom which was all ready for some learning and fun! Ryan was a little anxious and stood beside me while we went inside and looked around, which isn't usually like him. After checking out the classroom, he got a little more comfortable and joined his class on the carpet! I'm going to miss this face every morning!
I'm sure any mom who has sent a child off to school can completely relate to the feelings I've been having! Even though Ryan went to preschool, there's something different about knowing that he's now gone and in someone else's care five days a week. It feels like it's just the beginning of my kids going to school and spending more time away from me, but mostly just growing up! It's only going to get worse! I know it's the path we take as we learn and grow and progress in life, but I'm just really not ready for it! I held it together really well until I got into the car and called Justin. Then I lost it and cried off and on throughout the rest of the morning. I miss my little guy!
Today, August 16, 2011 was Austin's first day at preschool! Thus making those feelings I just described even worse!!! Austin was very excited to put his superheroes backpack on and head to school!My two, big school boys!!!The theme at the preschool this year is "Leaping into preschool!" so frogs were everywhere! He was very excited about that!His teachers are Ryan's teachers from last year, so Ryan's been teaching him their names. When we walked in he went straight to her and said, "Hi Mrs. Ribota!" It was so cute! He eagerly walked in and got straight to playing with the toys.We had to get him focused and taught him how to put his name on the apple chart......where to hang his backpack......and then let him get right back to the toys!I also showed him where the bathroom was, but he still had an accident on the first day of preschool! Oh yeah, this boys a stinker!!! I miss my boys already, but I am excited to see all that they will learn and how much they will grow! Myself as well!