Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trip to Idaho!

Last week my Mom and I took the boys and drove the 750+ miles to Rexburg, ID. The boys did really well, especially since our trip was for the purpose of wedding dress shopping! Megan is getting married in December, and she found the perfect dress! (Don't worry, I made sure Allen doesn't check the blog!)
The boys were pretty good, but needed a lot of occupying! What's the best way to do that with growing boys?!? FOOD!!!
We took them on some of the rides for being such good sports!
After driving all day Tuesday, checking out the campus and town Wednesday, dress shopping Thursday, we thought we would need a day to rest. But, since we finished everything we needed to do, and we didn't want to pay for another night in the hotel, we headed home and got back to Loomis just in time for the Del Oro Football home opener!!!
Ryan loved every time the band would play, and Austin was quite enthralled by the Eagle and the two dancing pickles from Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop! They even went down to meet them!
After the game with Uncle T!
Running around on the field after the game! After being in the car all day, they needed to let out some of that energy! We had a lot of fun visiting Natalie and Megan and seeing the changes Rexburg has made since Justin and I graduated and left 5 years ago! I can't believe how fast time flies!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some of my favorites!!!

With so much going on lately, I haven't been as camera happy as in the past. However, I have gotten a few pictures of my little cuties doing some adorable things and these are some of my favorites!
Austin has been LOVING anything with cars, bikes, trucks, books, dirt, you name it. A few days ago he was trying to ride the tricycle, but couldn't quite reach the pedals or the ground from the seat, so he improvised! Justin said it looked like he was riding a "hog."
When inside, you can often find him sitting on the stairs "reading" books, or just saying "fishy" or "cars" over and over again.
Ryan has been ENJOYING the wood floors and rides his semi truck all throughout the downstairs. He and Austin have even been racing!
When we were at the fair recently, he was yelling my name but I couldn't find him. I then saw his feet and looked up to see this!
Austin snugglin' with Papa!
Trev showing the boys his steer at the fair!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am ready for some...

FOOTBALL!!!I LOVE fall and football season! I don't love that it's Trevor's last year though, because where will I go and who will I watch next year!?! Oh well, for now I will enjoy putting my boys in their black and gold (yes they already wear it with pride), and head to good old Loomis to watch my alma mater kick some bootie!

We had a great time at their first game and first win of the season!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Wow! It's been a while! Since Lake Powell we've had a lot going on, as you can see from my last update post. So, please bare with me as I catch you up in a few posts.

Over Labor Day Weekend we headed up to Loomis for some time at Nana and Papa's house. The boys, as always had a GREAT time! Austin LOVED "moooooooo"ing at the cow's...
and Ryan joined in with him after a while.
Papa was mowing the lawn and Ryan really wanted to help him, so Ashley (I think) taught him how to hitchhike for a ride. He did eventually get picked up.
After a while the boys found their tractor...
and Ryan figured out how to hitch the wagon on to the back.
He spent the next hour pulling Austin around the basketball court! It was so cute!
On Monday morning we all got up early and headed outside to help Trevor...finish his Eagle Project! Eight of these heavy duty picnic tables for the fairgrounds!Ryan helped with the sanding!
Justin helped with the drilling!
And we all had a great time!
(Megan, Trevor and Ashley)
Later in the day we all got cleaned up and headed to the final day at the California State Fair!
After checking out some of the animals, we went on a few rides...
then headed to the demolition derby! Oh yeah, box seats! Right up in the mud and action! The next day Natalie and Megan (the red-heads) headed back to BYU-Idaho! :( We miss them!
We had a fun weekend and are so proud of Trevor and all the hard work he put into his Eagle Project! We were happy to be able to help!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Neglected :(

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while and have been neglecting updating you all, but it's for good reason! A reason I have neglected posting about and avoided, but feel now I should share.

Long story short, we've moved and are selling our home! It's been difficult for me to stomach as it was our first home that we worked hard to buy and make our own, but it needed to happen!

Happy part of the story, we've been fortunate enough to buy a new home that fits us well and has begun to feel like home very quickly! We've decided as long as we're together, healthy, and the spirit is here, we can make any house our home!

So, the new scenery in our pictures and posts isn't your imagination, it's our new "heaven on earth!"