Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun in the sun!

After about 2 weeks straight of rain (we don't excpect sympathy from our family in Washington), we finally had a day with some sun. Since I'm currently off track and enjoying my break, Ryan and I headed straight for the park. He had a great time and ran in circles!

Big Boy!

Ryan is getting to be such a big boy. Speaking in sentences, sleeping in a big boy bed, and now NO BINKY!!! We are very happy to report that Ryan no longer needs his binky to sleep at night. Instead, he has Tigger and Pooh. He gave his binkies to his baby buddy Ollie, and Ollie gave him a Pooh stuffed animal. He loves his new bedtime friends! I wish we could report that he's potty trained, but I guess that will come next!
Tigger and Pooh have even gotten to ride the train!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Having fun!

This past weekend one of my cousin's prepared to leave for his mission to the Houston, Texas south spanish speaking mission. As the family gathered together for some fun, Ryan had some fun of his own with his little cousin Mary.

Ryan pushing Mary in the doll stroller!

Mary pushing Ryan! (He's a little bigger than her)

Ryan also had a great time dancing with Papa to the music in his new Elmo book. Anything amuses the boy I tell you!

Rodeo time!

Justin and I actually went out on a date and went to the Professional Bull Riding Rodeo (PBR) with some friends as they visited Sacramento this past weekend. We had a great time!

The clown made it worth the trip! He was hilarious!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sleepy boy!

So this is what 12:30 church and no nap does to a two year old!

Ryan was falling asleep with whole bites in his mouth and even managed to ask for more food with his eyes closed and a mouth full.

Now that's talent, or his Schmidt genes truly shining through!

"Frosty the Snowman!"

Over the Holidays, Ryan called every snowman he saw "Frosty the Snowman," so he really enjoyed making his own with his Aunt May May, Aunt Ash and Uncle Steve.

Ryan also made a snow cave,

and even got to ride the snowmobile.

"Are you ready for some football?"

Ryan's, and of course Mommy's, favorite thing to do this past fall was to go to "Uncle T's football game!" (Go D.O.) Ryan loved going, but mostly to watch the cheerleaders, he's starting young I guess, and the band.

Ryan watching intently and yelling at the ref's with Pappa!
Just kidding, these two never yell!

Uncle T's biggest fan!

Yes, Ryan is the youngest person to "bleed black and gold!"

(Thanks to Mommy)