Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve...

we continued on with our Christmas traditions! We spent the day having fun and went bowling at Manteca Family Bowl! The boys were so excited!
Ryan had a lot of fun and would get so excited for not only himself, but for everyone else when it was their turn!He tried it without the ramp...
then with it! Now Austin's turn!!! He would carry his ball over to the ramp!Ryan was his big helper! YAY AUSTIN!!! High Five!!! Later that evening we had some friends over for our annual Schmidt Family Christmas Eve Mexican feast! Since we didn't go up with our family, we brought the party to our house and invited the Dunn's and the Robertson's over. We had a nice and relaxing evening! After everyone left, we read several Christmas stories followed by the most important Christmas story of all, the birth of our Savior from Luke 2. We rushed off to bed so Santa could come, and he definitely found our house. Check back later to see what he brought and what we've been up to this past week!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Oakland!!!

On Tuesday night we went with some friends to the Oakland LDS Temple to see the lights! The temple is always beautiful, but it's fun to go at Christmas time and see the Nativity and everything lit up. We have never taken the boys to this temple before, so they were very excited, as were we!!!
On the pathway to Eternity!!! Love it!!!
The large nativity they have! All of the boys wanted to go and see the baby Jesus up close!
For part of the evening they were putting on a live Nativity! All of the boys sat so quietly and watched anxiously as Mary and Joseph walked to Bethlehem where there was no room for them at the inn so they were escorted to the stable. We saw the angel, in the form of a light, visit the Shepherd who was watching over his flock and tell of the Savior's birth. We watched the Wisemen bring gifts to the Baby Jesus! It is so fun to see the boys so excited about Christmas time, and truly beginning to understand that it is celebrated because of Jesus Christ!
As we were leaving, I asked Ryan what his favorite part was. He repeated to me, "Watching Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, and looking at the city!" For those of you who haven't been to the Oakland Temple, there is an AMAZING view of the city from aside the temple. Ryan loved it and even began to understand that the black part was the water from the ocean.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ryan's Preschool Christmas Program!!!

Last Thursday Ryan's preschool had their annual Christmas Program!!! He was very excited and had been singing some of the songs at home throughout the last month or two. I was a little nervous, because let's just say he was less than eager to participate in the Primary Program at church 2 months ago, so I didn't know how he would do. But, there was no need for nerves, he did great!!!
He was ready to go and be an angel!!!
My little Angel!!!
If you can't tell, he's the second one in from the left standing with all of his little buddies!
I was, of course, crying at the very beginning! There were a few reasons; first of all, my baby boy is getting so big, well both of them really! Secondly, they sang the most adorable songs and for the first time this year, I truly felt the spirit of Christmas at Ryan's program. All of the songs they sang were about our Savior and his birth which is the true meaning of Christmas and the reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday!!! I felt the spirit so strongly at his preschool program, and it was wonderful!!!
The song they are singing here was his favorite, "Soft, Sweet Hay."
Please ignore the movement of the camera, I had a 21 month old climbing on me and bumping me throughout the filming of this video!

Taking a bow at the end of the show!

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and keep in mind the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as you celebrate the Holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Graduate + Birthday Boy = Justin

This weekend was full of exciting events for the Drinkwater Family!!! On Saturday, Justin graduated with his Master's Degree in Parks and Recreation Administration from Sacramento State University! It was a momentous day that he worked long and hard for and we are truly proud of him!!!
Here he is being "hooded!" (sorry for the blurry picture, but he was really far away.)
The Graduate!!!
Our family that was able to join us that early in the morning! Thank you for coming!!!
After the commencement ceremonies, we had a party at my Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Justin's graduation, birthday (which was yesterday), as well as my Great-Grandma's 94th Birthday!!!
She is a sweetheart and an inspiration!!! I am so lucky to have such amazing women in my life that I can look up to, and my Great-Grandma Sample is definitely one of them!
Ryan and Nathan wouldn't leave the train...
until it was time to help Daddy open his presents!
We had an agreement that when he completed his degree, he could get a PS3! He was surprised though!
He also got a shot gun he had wanted from his Mom and Dad!!! (We missed you Ben and Patti!!!)
It was a fun day!
Yesterday was Justin's actual birthday and he turned the big 31!!! He now says he's well into his 30's!!! We celebrated by going out to dinner with the boys! We then took them to a friends house so we could go to a movie!
Happy Birthday and Congratulations Babe!!! 31 years of amazing accomplishments and we couldn't be prouder!!! You do so much for us, I hope we were able to make these few days really special and memorable for you!!! We love you!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Santa,

We have been REALLY GOOD boys this year!!!
We have been playing together nicely and sharing our toys...
...helping Mommy make and eat all of the cookies...
...helping Mommy with the laundry... ...eating all of our food, especially the ice cream......learning to read...("Reineer Mama!")
...and most of all, we've been as CUTE as stinkin' possible!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Parade!!!

Last Saturday we had Family Fun Night and headed to Lathrop to watch the annual Holiday Parade! We sat in the car until the rain stopped, then we bundled up the boys and got out to watch the parade!
Ryan was content sitting in the chair while we waited...
...while Austin, on the other hand, had to run through the puddles!
My three boys!
Our little family!!! After a few minutes, Ryan got up to join in the puddle jumping fun...
...until it was time for the parade to start! "Here it comes!!!"
After a few minutes, it was back to the chair...
...until they were throwing candy! Then it was back out of the chair and into the puddles!
Due to the rain, the bands weren't there! That was a bummer since that's what they boys really wanted to see. But, they did have some good floats of different organizations and businesses.
And of course, Santa brought up the rear handing out candy canes from the window of the fire truck!
I always love Family Fun Night!!! We had such a great time and truly got into the spirit of the Holiday season!