Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 The weekend before Halloween we headed up to Loomis for a family party. While we were there we enjoyed attending the Trunk-or-Treat of my parents ward. It was such a fun environment with lights strung up out in the country. Carnival games and hay rides available along with a bonfire to relax by. It was so fun!
 The kids had a blast playing the different carnival games! Tyler the cow, Ryan the Fighter Pilot, and Austin, Roadblock from GI Joe!

 Steve was the Farmer, Ashley was the mama cow, and Rachel and Tyler were the baby calves. So cute!
Careful with those things Ashley!
 Ash decorated their car as a barn too. It was really cute! The boys had as much fun passing candy out as they did getting it themselves.
 We love this fun time of year and enjoy all of the festivities that come along with it!