Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall on the farm!

This has been a beautiful fall weekend in Northern California. I love this season! The crispness in the air, the colorful trees, the holidays approaching! We took advantage of the beautiful 80 degree weather and the boys and I headed up to Nana and Papa's farm for a couple of days.
Ryan got to do a lot of fun things while we were there. He took his first ride on Max. He rode with Nana first, then all by himself. He was so brave!

What's a trip to the farm without riding and driving the tractor...
even in the bucket!
Ryan and Papa also had to of course "fro the lawm."
Austin enjoyed hanging out and playing in the leaves...
and had to of course see what they tasted like!
We had a great time! We also went to Uncle Trevor's LAST football game.


Mal, Josh, Payton said...

looks like lots of fun. I hadn't realized that your family had that much land. So fun for your kids.

Michelle said...

How fun. Your kids must love going to the farm

The Naven Family said...

These pics are so cute- like always! You can tell Ryan has so much fun with his Nana and Papa! I love the pictures of Austin in the leaves! They are so stinkin' cute! And I'm glad Trevor did so great at his last game of the season! We'll have to catch a game next year when he's a Senior!!!

Cristy said...

80 degrees for you!

32 degrees for me!
And yesterday we had some snow...flurries. It looked like dandriff - but you've lived in Idaho so you understand and probably a little thankful that it's me and not you! ;)
Great pics! I miss Cali!