Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

We're back and had a GREAT time at Lake Powell. In all there were 33 of us on two house boats, and we had a great time together as a family.

On the way, we got so many strange looks from people. Why could that be? Perhaps we looked like the Clampet's driving down the road with our fishing boat and jet ski set up.

We just laughed it off. As we drove up and could see the Lake, it started to rain, but who cares, we're at Lake Powell baby!!!

We had a great time swimming...



and just hanging out!

We even had a dance party on top of the houseboat one night! Ryan was getting down, or should I say "Low" with everyone else!Ryan loved to play on the beach and build sand castles.

He also caught his first fish while fishing with Daddy. As they pulled it up out of the water, it slapped him in the face and he wasn't to sure about it anymore.

Ryan loved playing in the water and spending time with his cousins, Aunt's, Uncle's and Grandparent's. He was quite the little fish while we were there and was willing to try anything.Austin loved hanging out and being held. He really enjoyed the water as well.

Of course Daddy had fun too. He even taught Ryan how to ride the jet ski.

Mommy had a great time too, swimming, taking pictures, watching the boys have fun, and reading Twilight.

Too many napless days...

We were sad to leave and come home, but had a great time. We can't thank Grandpa and Grandma enough for all of the fun and memories that you've provided for us at Lake Powell. We love you so much!

For now, we'll have to survive by remembering the view and cherishing the memories!

~Lake Powell~

July 25-August 2, 2008


Brooke said...

FUN! I'm assuming you went to Wahweap because that looks like Castle Rock there. It looks like you had fun relaxing and playing!

The Naven Family said...

How fun! It really is beautiful there! I love all the pics of the boys! Too cute! We are glad you guys are back! We missed you! And I'm glad you read Twilight! Yeah! Tell Justin to tell Jake to grow his gotee out! Lol! I'm so glad you guys had fun! And we will see you tomorrow!

Love Always,

kraianne said...

I love your blog site, you do such a great job!!! The lake looks so fun. We go to lake don pedro often (as you know) but our family is not as big as yours!!! How fun for Ryan to have so many cousins to play with. I love the story of you and Justin, such a sweet picture. I'll be seeing you at George Komure!!!! Kraianne

Anonymous said...

How cute!! It stinks that it has to end! i think that I go into depression after leaving the Lake! Love you guys!


KimMarx said...

great review and pictures! I haven't put mine up yet, but I will. It was a ton of fun.