Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet 'N Wild Boys!

It was hot out today, so we went to the water park for fun with some friends. We've been several other times, but Ryan usually stands on the sidelines and watches the others play. Today he FINALLY decided it looked like fun and joined in.

Ryan and Aaron waiting for the water!

Ryan and EJ "catching" the water!

All three wild boys!

Aaron, EJ and Ryan together at the park.
Monkey boy!
Austin and Mommy had a fun time too!


The Naven Family said...

That was fun, and the boys did really well (besides being a little crazy at lunch)! Love the pics! My fav is the one at the end of you and Austin-who was the great photographer who took that one? Lol! J/K!

Cristy said...

It was nice we didn't have to fight the crowds while we were there!!! I had a good time - even when the water "suprised" me! I will miss our fun times!