Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Powell Pics

I found some more pictures and had some sent to me that I just couldn't resist putting up. Several tell a story.

In front of the boats were large red rock mountains. My sister, Ashley, climbed up and took this awesome picture of our houseboats on the beach (the ones on the left).
One evening Ashley and I decided to go off the slide on the back of the boat. That turned in to what seemed to be a competition. Even Mom went.This is the greatest picture ever! I love you Mom!
This is the 60 foot rock that Justin decided to jump off. Yes, he has a bruised tailbone because of it. Can we just go on one trip without injury?Justin also discovered one of the funnest things about Lake Powell. He could drive his jet ski into the narrow canyons of the Lake.One afternoon Ryan's "Gweat Gwampa" asked the boys to walk on his back.
So, Ryan, AJ and Adam had a great time."I love you Gwampa!"
And of course, what would a Lake Powell trip be without Grandpa's haircut?We have done it since we were little kids. Ashley had the honor on this trip.


..Kris Naven.. said...

Sooo cute! I love the picture of your mom! That is priceless! No wonder Ryan didn't want ot go down that slide...it's hecka high! These are some really cool pics!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Ryan and Grandpa are so cute!! And I am pretty sure that the cliff Justin jumped off of was about 70 ft! He's crazy! Did I send you the one of him belly floppin it? That's a good one! Love you guys!!